Gilad Produce BV is specialized in growing peppers, sweet pointed peppers and chili peppers. We have been delivering high quality produce since 2005. By means of our competitiveness, skills and expertise, together with our top-class growers, Gilad Produce BV has created a reliable and strong position in the market.

Our efficient working methods make us the right partner for every grower.

FRESHLY THE BEST represents the high quality requirements our products need to meet and the flexible approach we offer in our service to our customers and growers. Together we offer a 24/7 service.

Chili peppers have a special place in our company. For many years our growers have been focusing on this product, in order to cultivate the perfect chili pepper.
To distinguish this speciality, we sell our chili peppers under our own label. Click on the button below to read more and to meet the ‘Chili festival’


For both our products as our working methods we prioritize quality and food safety.

Our assortment comprises conventional and organic grown produce. For both cultivation methods our growers have the required certificates.